(esp. of fabric) Light, delicate, and translucent.
transparent - pellucid - limpid - translucent - lucid

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“Step one. Suppose you clear away all the happinesses that you distrust? Step two. Clear away all the unhappinesses that you have come to trust. Get rid of them too, don’t count on your miseries or your titillations. What will be left behind? Perhaps, after you’ve cleaned all that out, you might find in the back of your cupboard something like the theme of the Goldberg Variations. A deeply trustable happiness. A tender, discombobulating — but not discombobulated! — smile with just enough sadness and loss in it to be believable, to be endurable.”


Jeremy Denk's beautiful meditation on ”the mishmash of reverence and irreverence” in Bach’s Goldberg Variations.

Lest we forget, happiness is a learned capacity

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Chocolate Covered Banana Pops



So excited!!!! #bucketlist @geosuz Amos Lee, ZZWard, Colorado Symphony
So much fun! I still have a few of these wonderful kitchen tools left. Austin makes them with his grandpa. Half of all profits go to his college savings account.  $20. #woodworking #woodenspatula #bestkitchentoolever #collegesavings #besmart #becreative
Painting pottery with the ladies! @artspress #ceramicsmaven #berrybasket @dayna_annm  (at Artspress)

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#peonies this beauty grabbed me on my way into Yoga On Chocolate. :)